Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Batman Stole My Childhood

So, the title is a little misleading... who would have guessed, right?!  Batman didn't really steal my childhood, but what he did do, is provide me with a clarity in life that many don't have until adulthood. 

I picked up my first comic book in 1989, Batman #429, the final issue of a 4-part series entitled, A Death in the Family.  It was great.  The storyline was intense, Robin had died, and the action was non-stop as Batman raced to capture his greatest foe, the Joker.  By the time I finished reading it, cover-to-cover, for the 3rd or 4th time, I knew that I wanted to write and draw comic books someday as a full-time career.

It hasn't happened for me entirely yet, but I have had the opportunity to self-publish with some talented friends through the years, and my fires still burn bright with the passion of a 14-year-old that accepts no boundaries.

That's where the "comic book" portion of this blog was born.  More to come...